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Iquitos is the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon area, the only one that has access either by air or by the river. The Amazon river irrigates the area and have many Natural Protected Parks, a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. The jungle offers night trips by canoes, ecological walks, bird watching and wildlife watching tours.

  • Amazonas River: This River is considered the most abundant in the world, with more water than the Nile’s, Yangtse’s and Mississippi’s all together. It represents one fifth of the fresh water of the planet. The river can be as wide as 6 miles during the dry season; it can get up to 32 miles wide during the rainy months. Discover the Peruvian side of this immense River and get to know all the natural wonder hidden in it.
  • Victoria Regia: Known as Water Lily, this is the biggest one, endemic to the low water areas of the Amazon River. Its leaves usually have 3 feet of diameter, its flowers around 18 inches of diameter and they can weigh up to 90 pounds. Be a direct witness of this natural wonder.
  • Paiche: Considered as the second largest sweet water fish in the world, up to 10 feet long and 550 pounds heavy. It is very important for the local economy; they are used for medicinal purposes as well as food, a nice male can provide up to 130 pounds of meet.

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