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Cusco City

General Information

Located in the south-central Andean range above 11.400 ft. in the Cusco Region. Approximately 470 miles south east from the capital city, Lima.

The weather varies from a dry season (from May to November), to a wet or rainy Season (from December to April). The temperature fluctuates between 40°F to 75°F.

Cusco is historically known as the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Western Hemisphere that goes back to 1000 years before Christ. It was the capital of the Inca Kingdom for over 600 years.

Stunning architecture mixture will be found here, Pre Columbian and Colonial.

  • San Pedro local Market: This is the oldest market in town, colorful and full of surprises. Learn and be a witness of the local’s daily activities. A must-see during your stay in Cusco.
  • Sacsayhuaman: A large Archaeological Park known for the gigantic stones one on top of the other forming 3 huge walls in the Ceremonial area. Here is where the famous Inti Raymi or festivity to the Sun is still held during Cusco anniversary.
  • Koricancha: Probably the most important Temple of the vast Quechua or Inca Empire, dedicated to the Sun. Its walls were fully covered with gold according to the XVI and XVII century Andean Chronicles.
  • Basílica Cathedral: The most important Catholic Church in the city, built between 1560 and 1964, considered an historic treasure because of the quantity of valuable information that is has. It shares the Main Square with the Company of Jesus Church.
  • San Blas Neighbourhood: The most painteresque and tranquil place in the city, from where the traditional famous craftsmen come. An beautiful area surrounded by old streets and privileged views of Cusco Valley.

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