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General Information

It is a city located in the Puno Region, south east of the country, at around 12 500 ft. on the shore of the Titicaca Lake. Known for the large livestock of llamas and alpacas in their immense plateaus, Puno has various attractions to offer, from Pre Inca Archaeological sites to Communities whom share their everyday living actively with foreigners willing to learn and value their traditions.

  • Uros floating Island: located above 12200 feet above sea level, the Islands were built with large reed and seaweed. The community economy is based on trout fishing and other products from the Lake. Magnificent opportunity to experiment this ancestral and ingenious way of living.
  • Amantani Island: this is the largest Island on the Peruvian side of the Lake with almost 4 square miles. Their history goes back to Pre Incas, Quechua and Colonial Periods. Not to miss the amazing landscapes surrounding the Island.
  • Taquile Island: perfect opportunity to get to know and interact with the locals whom still practice ancient traditions. Enjoy the surrounding Archaeological Sites and stunning landscapes.

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